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Greetings dear Llamas! Your Shepherd is back, and this time with great news!

It’s been a while since my last article. In the meantime, the market suffered a major reversal and with it much of the enthusiasm and euphoria have vanished, even though there have been signs of recovery in the last few hours.

As you know, LlamaSwap is a long-term project and despite recent difficult market conditions, in the latest weeks we’ve kept working behind the scenes to sign new partnerships, to continue the development (and yes, the redesign is still a priority!) and to add new features, with that long-term vision that has always put us apart from all the other “hit and run” projects.

Now let’s get to the point with today’s announcement.

What is WOOL?

WOOL is a deflationary, finite supply token with an extremely low maximum supply: only 100,000 tokens will ever exist, and they’ll get even scarcer over time.

WOOL is going to be LlamaSwap store-of-value, and it will act as an important mean for controlling the price of LAMA, thanks to the innovative deflationary measures built-in within the token smart contract (more on this later).

Moreover, WOOL will offer a number of exclusive benefits to its holders, such as the access to special vaults with significantly higher APR, ILO (Initial Llama Offering) with pools with privileged conditions, and dedicated initiatives that will be introduced in the future. Think of WOOL as LlamaSwap’s VIP pass which you don’t want to miss!


Maximum supply: 100,000
Initial supply: 17,000
▸10,000 (pre-sale)
▸2,000 (liquidity)
▸2,000 (dev team)
▸3,000 (treasury/marketing)
Farmable: 83,000

Deflationary measures

Transfer fee: 6%
Fee usage:
▸Treasury 0.50%
▸Burn 1%
▸Liquidity (Wool-Bnb) 0.50%
▸LAMA buyback&burn 1%
▸Strategy* 3%

(*)The strategy contract is a special contract that will use the liquidity for farming on 3rd party farms with high APRs. 50% of the yield will be used for compounding, thus increasing the farming power, and 50% will be used for LAMA buyback.

Important highlights:
▸WOOL will get scarcer over time because of the constant burn
▸WOOL will always have enough liquidity, thanks to the automatic liquidity acquisition
▸WOOL will create buying pressure on LAMA, thanks to the buybacks and the farming strategy contract (which will create additional liquidity for even greater buyback power)

Release schedule

Phase 1: Pre-sale
We’ll put on sale 10,000 WOOL through our first ILO — Initial Llama Offering, a dedicated smart contract for handling the sale directly within LlamaSwap.

WOOL on sale: 10,000
WOOL price: 10$
Date: Friday 30th July 2021–20:00 UTC

The sale will run for 48 hours or until the tokens are sold out, whichever comes first.
Purchased tokens can be claimed starting 2 hours after the sale ends.
Any unsold tokens will be burned.

Sale proceeds usage:
▸20% liquidity (WOOL-BNB + WOOL-BUSD)
▸20% LAMA buyback&burn
▸60% strategy (as described above)

Phase 2: Open market
After the sale ends, there will be a 48-hour “cool down” period for open market trades, to let the price settle and give the latecomers a chance to get hold of some warm WOOL.

Phase 3: WOOL farm
At the end of the open market phase (that is, ~48 hours after the sale ends), the Wool farm will open.
Wool emission rate: 0.2 Wool / block (~5,760 WOOL/day)
Farm duration: ~14 days

The farms that will be available are:

Additionally, there will be a dedicated pool for Lama holders (stake Lama, get Wool).

Phase 4: WOOL vaults
The vaults will open after the WOOL farm ends. Vaults reward will be in LAMA, with higher APR than the current Lama farm. Only WOOL holders will be able to stake in these vaults.

Special reward pools (3rd party tokens or BNB/BUSD) will be made available in the future.

More details on the vaults will be revealed in the coming days.

For further information or for any questions, ask in chat!

Telegram: https://t.me/llamaswap
Twitter: https://twitter.com/llama_swap
Instagram: https://instagram.com/llamaswap
LlamaSwap: http://llamaswap.finance



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