Hey Llamas! Romansky and Beanz from the Marketing Team here.
At LlamaSwap we are always spitting for another target!
Savings Vaults is a goal we have been aiming towards for a while now, it will reward users with stable coins.

Now let’s have an in depth look at the Savings…

Greetings Llamas! Sauzze here!
As anticipated, here are all the details concerning WOOL and its use case.

VIP Program

Firstly, we are proud to introduce the VIP Llama status.

When WOOL farming ends a new “Pens Pool” will open — allowing you to stake your WOOL-LAMA LP.

The ~$ value you stake…

Dear Llamas community!
Some days ago we announced we were working on a cool update on the Lama farm and now, here we are! So, buckle up and relax, while our Shepherd lay out the details of Lama Farm V2.


As you may already know, we are working hard for…

LlamaSwap SPIT token

Greetings dear Llamas! This is your Shepherd.
We at LlamaSwap know you’ve been waiting a long time for more information about the SPIT ecosystem. As we are nearing the launch of the SPIT farm (read it again: it’s coming SOON!) …

or the rise and fall of Yield Farming

Dear Llamas,
This is your Shepherd. In light of the recent events involving GooseDefi (TL;DR: layered farming was basically a flop, people lost money with layered tokens, their main token price is free falling, along with the TVL (Total Value Locked — all funds locked in the project at the moment)…

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